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Grape Seed Extract Benefits

So what are the Grape Seed Extract Benefits?

grape seed extract benefitsHands up anyone who uses grape seed extract. Take a bow and pat yourself on the back. Good job. You're already benefiting from the grape seed extract benefits.

Surprise, surprise, grape seed extract may be better for your health than the grapes it comes from.

Grape seed extract benefits come from its chemical composition, which includes:

  • Protein
  • Lipids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Polyphenols (as Flavonoids)

Long regarded as a simple by-product of the wine industry, grape seed extract is now considered a prime source of antioxidants with some pretty impressive health benefits.

The Polyphenols in particular are exceptional in their antioxidant powers, protecting your body against free radical and oxidative damage. Studies indicate that the antioxidant potency of Polyphenols is 20 times higher than Vitamin E and over 50 times greater than Vitamin C. Antioxidant power is measured on the ORAC scale, more about that in our ORAC article.

These Polyphenols also exhibit anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-cancerous activities. Plus a very desirable side-effect. Anti aging.

Yes, one of the Polyphenols in grape seed extract can actually lead to younger looking skin. Procyanidin is the Polyphenol responsible here.

First isolated in the mid 1930's, Procyanidin is believed to protect the body from premature aging. It does this by increasing the levels of Vitamin C in cells and also isolating toxins. Isolating these toxins leads them to be expelled from the body faster, lessening the effects these might have to our health.

By bonding with collagen, Procyanidins promote cell health and a tighter, more elastic skin. Bit like a face lift, without the "face lift" bit, if that makes any sense.

Procyanidins can also help improve clarity of vision, joint flexibility, and general arterial health. Effectively grape seed extract benefits the health of your heart.

Grape seed extract also has benefits your cholesterol, the LDL bit, bad cholesterol. These LDL fats, or Low Density Lipoproteins, oxidize, causing the LDL levels to rise. Grape seed extract delays this oxidation, meaning the LDL takes longer to start accumulating in your arteries and veins.

Pretty damn impressive for a by-product...

Read my Acai Revive review to see why the additional grape seed extract benefits gives these acai capsules an amazing ORAC score of 120,000 units per bottle.

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