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Beware Bogus Clinical Trials

Why Clinical Trials don't cut the mustard

beware bogus clinical trialsLook at almost any website dealing with nutritional supplements and you'll probably come across statements like "our clinical trials" or "our clinical analysis" and other similar comments. 99% of the time these are quite simply, stretching the facts. Lies if you prefer.

The reason is quite simple. Clinical trials involve years of collecting data, running tests, exhaustive analysis of the products and, lots of money invested. It's not something that can be done overnight or even within the space of a few weeks or months.

Collecting clinical data, needs meticulous analysis of information from a large number of people. A properly run clinical analysis needs a wide cross-section of subjects. People of all ages, with all possible pre-existing conditions, in all possible physical conditions.

A clinical trial needs to gather information about a whole range of topics. Dose, interactions with other medications, possible side-effects, end result. A huge amount of information. Not only to be collected, but collated and analyzed. It's a daunting, expensive, time consuming project. A project few can undertake.

Making reference to "our clinical analysis" makes an implication about the conclusions on the products. Just because somebody says they have run "clinical trials", doesn't necessarily mean they have actually gone through the process needed.

Mentioning "our clinical trials" does sound good though, I must admit. I could say I'm a ravishing 20 year old. It sounds good, but the simple truth is I'm not. I'm in my seventies and my days of ravishing anything are pretty well behind me. It sounds good though.

I don't do clinical trials on any of the acai products you'll find on this site. I do reference some clinical trials on the acai berry, but these are trials carried out by people like the USDA, who clearly have both the knowledge and the resources to do the studies.

assay certifiedWhat I do are simple assays on the products I look at. An assay measures the amount of ingredients found in the supplements. Nothing more, nothing less. A simple analysis of the ingredient amounts. Total cost is less than 100 Euro per product tested and usually takes about 72 hours for the results. A neat and tidy look at the ingredient levels and obviously something which is within my resources to carry out.

A true laboratory analysis, but not a "clinical study" by any stretch of the imagination. The products that pass this assay, carry my Assay Certified seal of approval.

If an assay on a particular product comes back vastly different to the stated amounts, then I won't go into any further details about that product. It never makes it's way to my site. Pure and simple.

If I try an acai capsule that states an acai content of 500mg and the assay measures 400mg for example, then that product won't pass.

The laboratory I use measures to a +/-3% tolerance, so for an acai capsule stating 500mg of acai content, then the assay should come back at between 485mg to 515mg. Less than the 485 and the product is rejected. It could be the information about the product is deliberately misleading or the manufacturing process is sloppy or badly regulated. Either way, the product is rejected.

Treat references to "clinical studies" with a big pinch of salt. These are at least an attempt to blind with science. Worst case, they are a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Have a look at my acai capsule comparisons and see for yourselves which products carry my Assay Certified seal of approval.

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acai capsules testimonialsJan, thanks... When we first became interested in a good quality acai supplement, we made the biggest mistake possible and signed up for one of those so called free trials. After being billed $220 for the free trial we managed to cancel but only after endless phone calls to our bank and credit card company. We are still trying to get our money back.

Luckily for us, we decided to give acai another try and after some research we came across your site. Your advice about the acai sounded spot on so we went ahead and tried Perfect Acai. It totally changed our minds.

More energy and new zest. It's like a kick in the pants (a very welcome kick in the pants mind).

Top marks for recommending a quality product from an ethical manufacturer.

Many Thanks
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